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 An example of south facing glass in a passive solar residence.
Sustainability means many things to many people. Whether a member of an integrated design team or taking the lead. Greenleaf Architectural Design will help to guide you through the complexities of modern sustainable design. We are particularly adept at assembling the best technical assistance and sifting through the many design options to achieve the best match for your requirements and your budget.

Sustainability in architecture starts with energy conservation. We always recommend and will coordinate an energy audit of your existing property. This leads to the development of and energy saving strategy. We will acquaint you with the techniques required and if your project is construction, we will recommend related practices appropriate for your situation.

Saving energy, though the cornerstone in our estimation, is only the beginning. As your guide, we will help to navigate the extremely complex and varied world of sustainability. Some specific issues might be:

  • Determining available tax credits and incentives
  • Comparing heating and building energy systems
  • Comparing rating systems
  • Advising on sustainability building methods and practices.
  • Determining best phasing practices to efficient divide a project into smaller segments.
  • Coordinating "green" vendors